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723 S. Main St,

Kingfisher, OK 73750


M / W / F - 9:00AM - 12:00PM | 2:30PM - 6:00PM
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  • "I have felt a lot better since I've been coming to the Dr's here. I come periodically just so that I will stay well. It has helped my back and knees. I have been to both Dr. Gary and Dr. Erin and am pleased with both."
  • "Dr. Erin is a miracle worker!!! She gives you such personal attention and goes beyond the call of duty. She helps me get relief when I fall and she keeps me in check. I recommend Palmer Clinic for anyone feeling pain!"
  • "I went to Palmer's throughout my pregnancy. It worked wonders on my low back pain from the added weight. I also loved being able to lay on my belly on their special table. My son has been coming to see both doctors since he was only a couple of days old as well. After getting stuck in the birth canal, I could only imagine how "out of place" he might be. He had problems with colic and acid reflux. Both were relieved with Chiropractic. We both are continuing with maintenance care and feel like it is vital in keeping us healthy."
  • "Thanks for fixing my sciatica pain "Doc!""
  • "I have been coming to Palmer Chiropractic for adjustments and they have really helped me. I am a janitor and my work is very demanding at times. Hard on the body. The help I get is deeply appreciated."
  • "I started with Palmer Chiropractic in September 2009. I was in pain from the top of my back to the tail bone. I had hip pain, leg pain, pain in the middle of my back and headaches. After one treatment I could function again. I am only going about 1 day a week now and I am pain free most days. This is great, but what has truly amazed me is the over all care received. Dr. Erin gives good advice for problems you have with your overall health."

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